Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keeping An Idea Journal

This blog is all about ideas, ideas for scrapbooks and page layouts, as well as ideas about nice scrapbook paper and great looking albums. But, there is something I was reminded of today that I want to share. I was reading a blog (imagine that!) and it mentioned this blogger's inspiration book.

That reminded me of the many journals an sketchbooks I used to keep. I even used to record dreams (when I could remember them). That really was fun and gave me lots of insight on my pyche. So today I asked myself, "Why aren't you keeping a journal now?" Of course, my answers to myself (yeah, I need to get out more!) were the usual lame excuses, such as: I don't have time, I don't have a journal book, I don't feel like it, etc. These are NOT good answers. So, I am digging up a book to keep around. I think if I just carry this little journal around, maybe when I get a good idea, if I just jot it down it won't be one of the many things I wish I could remember later. Those good ideas can just slip away and disappear all too easily.

Creative Ideas Lists and Journaling

I've kept lists of things I want to paint, lyrics for songs I want to write, layouts for designs and things like that in the past. I rarely go back and look at them (and I really should revisit them). Lots of artists and scrapbookers keep journals. There was even a whole movement of sorts when the book: The Artist's Way (A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity) by Julia Cameron was published. There is also an "Artist's Way Workbook" that outlines tasks or exercises to do to start this creative journey or journaling. The subtitle sounds kind of spooky, but really all the book was suggesting was to spend an hour or so a day reconnecting to your own creativity. Planned creativity sounds like an oxymoron, but really, we call it "the creative process", so you really can make a plan to be creative. My favorite place to find books like this one is at Amazon. I think you can get a copy of this book for as low as 50 cents! I highly recommend this author, too.

I suppose if I was really dedicated to the power of ideas and inspiration, I'd invest in a better journal. I've tried creating computer files to keep track of my random thoughts and ideas, but that isn't working too well. I think having a book - a real book you can hold in your hand and carry around would be better.

Would A Better Journal Book Help?

I've seen some really, really nice journal books and diaries lately that I would love to have. I am just amazed at the quality of some of the leather covered journals - you know, with the beautiful Italian leather? Sure, a dollar spiral-bound book will do as well (what is written in the book is far more valuable than the binder). But, since life is short, I might have to invest in one of these handmade books that I love so much.

Here are some of the handmade journals I want:

Italian Leather JournalItalian Leather Journal
Florence Illustration Cover

I love these leather bound books! And there is one that isn't leather that I like, too, with an illustration of Florence, Italy on it.

I guess the lesson here is that I need to value myself, my creativity, my ideas and all that a lot more! And one way to do that is to commit these parts of me and the things I value, think about, and want to remember to paper - it's a start anyway!