Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holiday Scrapbooks Ideas

You've finally finished all the leftover turkey or ham and you've taken down the decorations (unless you are one of those people who leave them up all year). You have dozens of photos and many are probably still in the digital camera - and you are just getting used to using writing 2008 for the date.

The Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukka holiday memories are fading from our minds, while the next occasion to celebrate is more than a month away (yes, Valentine's Day decorations are already in the stores). Now really is a good time to take a moment to do something fun with your recent photos from those holiday dinners or family get togethers.

A holiday scrapbook is especially nice for anyone who's had a new arrival (births, adoptions) or a wedding in December. Or maybe you want to remember many occasions and holidays you felt were particularly special during 2007 - you should scrap 'em! Maybe you took a family trip during the holidays? Scrappin' a trip or vacation - using the photos your took while you were away - are the kind of memory books your family will enjoy sharing with friends. Another project idea is to make your own "year in pictures" scrapbooks beginning now, and just imagine that someday you'll have a shelf of these memory books all in a row - one for each year. Scrapbooks are a kind of historical archive in the making!

Or, you could make a scrapbook of one particular holiday from 2007 or any past year that you want to remember and share with others. You could put photos and holiday cards you've recieved for several years or family birthday cards into a scrapbook (you know, all those greeting cards you've saved and just can't bear to throw away - they are over there in that drawer that is too full to open!)

Another holiday scrapbook idea that would be fun is a holiday cookbook or special recipe scrapbook that you can keep adding recipes to as you get new ones. You may even have hand-made decorations that can be put into a scrapbook (did your kids make paper snowflakes or draw any cute Thanksgiving or Christmas pictures at school?)

So, figure out what kind of images, photos and pictures, recipes or other momentos you have and use those to decide on a theme.

Scrapbook to-do list:

  1. Decide on your theme.

  2. Look through your photos, pictures, or cards and start selecting which you think should go into your scrapbook. If you are a digital scrapbooker, you can start making a folder on your computer and put the photos you want to use in it.

  3. Get a scrapbook album or binder (decide what size you want to use - you can use a small album (the mini albums are quick to make - 6" x 6" albums and 8" x 8" albums) if you only have smaller photos or keepsakes to put in your scrapbook. Larger albums that are 12" x 12" are a sort of standard size and they have many more options to find nice scrapbook papers. These larger albums come in all sorts of fabrics or cover materials, including really nice leather covers. The 12" x 12" size allows for various sized photos, cards, and other materials, so it's a good size choice if you can't decide right away what to include in your scrapbook. There are also scrapbook album kits or scrapbook page collections that have the album included - those save you time by having scrapbook papers, a few ebellishments and the scrapbook album already coordinated.

  4. Paper or Cardstock - This is a tough descision - what paper should you use! There are so many gorgeous papers and such a variety of scrapbooking cardstock available for scrapbooks. Set aside some time to familiarize yourself with the newest paper designs. I personally adore the Karen Foster designs. These scrapbook paper brands: Basic Grey, EK Success, Bazill, K & Company and others have become industry standards and scrapbookers favorites. Scenic Route Paper makes some great paper collection packs with holdiay and other themes. Some paper is a bit thicker - and it's called scrapbook cardstock. This is a more durable paper stock and some are printed on both sides for use in page protectors that allow both sides to be viewed.

  5. Embellishments - decide if you want to add decorative items to your scrapbook pages. Embellishments include: ribbons and fibers, tags, tabs, frames, buttons, and stickers, to name a few. You may have your own items you can use, such as buttons or fabric. Just about any item (if it isn't too thick) can be added to a scrapbook with the great adhesives and glue guns that are available. Embellishments add a really personal touch, so get creative and try adding some of these to your scrapbook pages.

  6. Other Supplies - Make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors, the appropriate types of adhesives or glue, page protectors, cutting mats, markers and pens or paints and brushes or other necessary supplies all ready to use.

  7. Inspiration and Perspiration - These are the most important elements for any creative project! Get inspired, look at online scrapbook galleries and page examples. Then don't give up, keep working on your scrapbook and you'll feel great when the memories are sorted out and displayed for you and others to enjoy!

Other notes: Some scrapbook paper manufacturers have monthly theme kits or calendar pages you can use to introduce the occasions you want to include in your scrapbook. You could make a "December 2007" scrapbook using winter themed papers. Just remember to pick a theme that you have enough resources for - or one that you can buy the right papers, ribbons, etc. to create your book. While you organize your photos when planning a scrapbook, think about having a photo album handy to put the photos you won't be using in your scrapbooks - this will keep them out of the over-filled drawer or shoebox and protect them for future use or just to have to look at when you feel like it.